Executive Search   is   a cascading   technology of search, selection and motivation of top specialists, who don’t look for a job, but successfully work.  

Levels of Executive Search:

1. Definition of profile of a candidate
- Analysis of company of the client: status in the market, specificity of activity, organizational structure, corporative culture 
- Analysis of vacation: structure of subordination, business-tasks.
- Definition of requirements to the candidate and compensational pack

2. Development of search strategy (Map Search)
- Analysis of the market
- Definition of directions of search
- Alternative sources of search

3. Realization of search strategy
- Search of candidates in target companies,
drafting a long list
- Report to the client, consultation
- Drafting a short list of target candidates

4. Selection of candidates
- Interview, estimation
- Selection of final candidates
- Report to the client, consultation

5. Selection of final candidates
- Interview in the company of the client
- Contrastive analysis of finalists
- Collection of guidelines
- Report to the client, decision-making

6. Final negotiations
- Development of system of motivation
- Drafting  an official job offer for the candidate
- Organization of final negotiations

7. Adaptation
- Escorting of the candidate during adaptation

Headhunting  is  a sort of technology of Executive Search, which is directed to attraction to the client’s company of a specific specialist. In this case in the foreground are brought the following kinds  of  activity:  collectiîn   of   information about  target candidate, definition  of   potential Motives of   his passage   to  the  client’s company,  professional organization  of  negotiations, competent motivation.